Supply Chain Advantage

You’re Always Prepared With Our Supply Chain Solutions

In moments of crisis or market volatility, we are well prepared to deliver to any location thanks to our wide network of suppliers. As an established packaging provider, our deep vendor relationships enable us to guarantee the production and delivery of your packaging, regardless of supply chain challenges.

Why Our Customers Trust Us for Supply Chain Solutions

Purchasing Power

We purchase large quantities of lumber in bulk, allowing us to bypass hangups and take priority over other manufacturers.

Manufacturing Facilities

We have 13 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico, giving us the proximity and reach to maintain quantity.

Delivery Guarantees

We’re so confident in our supply chain solutions that all of our products are backed by delivery guarantees.

Competitive Pricing

Even when supplies are limited, we offer competitive pricing on all lumber and plywood materials.

Drivers on Staff

We don’t rely on third parties for logistics or deliveries. Instead, we only use our own drivers to ensure our deliveries make it where they need to go.


If we don’t have the part we need, we’ll find a different solution. We don’t make excuses. We adapt and solve issues.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Lock in prices and guarantee supplies with just-in-time deliveries. Simply order in bulk, and we’ll keep a pre-assembled safety stock of your product on hand and ready to ship. Alternatively, through a purchase order, we’ll make sure we keep a revolving surplus of your product on hand all the time, allowing us to offer same or next-day delivery.

Case Studies

Real-World Results with Supply Chain Solutions

Learn how our supply chain solutions have helped clients save money, increase efficiencies, and protect even the most delicate parts and products.

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