Testing & Software Simulations

Industry-Leading Packaging Testing Using Simulations

We use state-of-the-art software to simulate scenarios to ensure your crates and packages can endure the toughest conditions. By using software simulations in our packaging testing, we can prepare your packages for any potential scenarios quickly and cost effectively.

The Benefits of Simulated Packaging Testing

There are several reasons to consider software-simulated packaging testing over manual lab testing.

Quicker Results

If you’re on a time crunch, simulated packaging testing just makes sense. You’ll receive a full report and design quickly.

Cost Effective

Simulated packaging testing takes less time, effort, and labor than manual testing. As a result, it’s a cost-effective alternative to manual package testing.

High Accuracy

Highly accurate and proven to produce a precise analysis of potential scenarios, our software is an ideal solution for simulated packaging testing.

Comprehensive Analysis

When you choose our simulated packaging testing, you receive a full analysis of everything we found, including how to avoid potential packaging problem spots.

How Our Simulated Packaging Testing Works

We use industry-leading SolidWorks software to perform a structural analysis simulation to see what might happen to your crate or package during transport. Then, we deliver the complete report and analysis to you along with your design.

These simulations allow us to quickly test a variety of scenarios without having to conduct any manual testing – getting your custom designs to you more quickly.

Case Studies

Real-World Results with Packaging Testing

Learn how our packaging testing has helped clients save money, increase efficiencies, and protect even the most delicate parts and products.

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