Lab Testing

Rigorous, Industry-Standard Testing to Protect Your Precious Cargo

When transporting high-value or fragile goods, nothing should be left to chance. PSAP performs a variety of testing procedures on your custom product packaging to ensure your products remain in perfect condition, even under the harshest conditions during transport.

Package Testing Services

Below is a list of the testing methods we employ to protect your custom product packaging from potentially damaging conditions it may be subjected to in the warehouse or when shipped.

Shock Testing

In the event your package is dropped or sustains sudden impact during the shipping process, our shock testing services make sure the contents of your package stay safe and intact. Our drop and impact testing equipment puts your package through rigorous simulations of harsh conditions that it may experience.

Vibration Testing

While in transport, most packages are subject to some vibration, which could potentially damage components or loosen parts. We perform vibration testing that protects against excessive movement that could harm your package and its contents.

Compression Testing

When cargo is shipped, packages are often stacked on top of one another to save space. Compression testing is performed to determine how much weight can be applied to a package before causing damage.

Atmospheric Testing

Packages are exposed to a number of different atmospheric conditions in the warehouse or during transport. Atmospheric testing safeguards against any damage that may result from extreme temperatures or changes in temperature and humidity levels.

Software Simulation Testing

In many instances, testing your package design via software simulation may be the right choice. We offer software simulation through our partner, SolidWorks, for cost-effective, accurate predictions of how your package will respond to real-world conditions.

Impact Testing

Our in-house machinery tests and simulates a sudden stop or movement made by a logistics carrier. Using a special ramp with timing mechanism, we can calculate if the packaging we are testing can withstand a typical impact.

Proud Member of ISTA

ISTA Member ID 10999

As a proud member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), we comply with industry-leading standards for test protocols for the global distribution market. We are securing certifications for testing methods to meet our clients’ needs. If ISTA-certified testing is required, we can perform any type of test through our partners, offering a wide range of testing solutions for the supply chain.

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